Neil Young - Fu##in' Up

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Neil Young - Fu##in' Up

Gepubliceerd door Redactie in Album van de week · zondag 28 apr 2024
“Why do these old songs live so vividly now? They do to me.”

Neil Young with Crazy Horse in all their “Ragged Glory”.

Neil & The Horse have played together for over 50 years and the performances of these songs is a true highlight of that long relationship.

The album was recorded in 2023, with this line-up:

Billy Talbot – Bass, vocal
Ralph Molina – Drums, vocal
Micah Nelson – Guitar, vocal, piano
Nils Lofgren – Guitar, vocal, piano
Neil Young – Guitar, vocal, harmonica

Neil: “In the spirit it’s offered…made this for the Horse lovers. I can’t stop it. The horse is runnin’. What a ride we have. I don’t want to mess with the vibe. I am so happy to have this to share.”

1. City Life
2. Feels Like A Railroad (River of Pride)
3. Heart Of Steel
4. Broken Circle
5. Valley of Hearts
6. Farmer John
7. Walkin' In My Place (Road of Tears)
8. To Follow One's Own Dream
9. Chance On Love

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