Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Collection

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Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Collection

Gepubliceerd in Album van de week · zondag 02 jun 2024
1. Fortnight (featuring Post Malone)

2. The Tortured Poets Department

3. My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys

4. Down Bad

5. So Long, London

6. But Daddy I Love Him

7. Fresh Out the Slammer

8. Florida!!! (featuring Florence and the Machine)

9. Guilty as Sin?

10. Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?

11. I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)

12. Loml

13. I Can Do It with a Broken Heart

14. The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived

15. The Alchemy

16. Clara Bow

17. The Black Dog

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