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The Brokers

Gepubliceerd door Redactie in Album van de week · 1 november 2019
The Brokers is a two-piece Helsinki based indie rock band.

The band is made up of Martti Varjonen (vocals, keyboards, guitars) and Teemu Tiainen (bass, rhythms, guitars, sounds). Their sound is rock with pinch of electronic sound and catchy melodies backed up by ethereal atmosphere. The Brokers music carries themes and the sense of urban ethereal atmosphere without being obvious to fit into any genre.
The Brokers songs are very catchy pop tunes being at the same time contemporary and evergreen. You cannot exactly tell if the band sounds 80s synth pop, 90s brit rock or modern indie rock band of 2010s. Unnamed music industry expert described The Brokers sound by saying: “-I cannot compare their sound to any other band. The sound is very unique and interesting in a exciting way. For sure they have tried to re-invent the wheel.”

The Brokers will release individual songs along with videos from their debut album 'Echoes Behind Me’. Follow the band on streaming medias and the facebook page to receive the latest release news. The album is planned to be released in January 2020.

'Let the music speak for itself' - Helsinki based electronic-indierock band The Brokers have been working diligently on their debut album 'Echoes Behind Me' which will be released in January 2020.

The band has received praise from their unique sound where they incorporate influences from the past decades seamlessly with modern electronic sounds. "The only rule is that there are no rules. We approach each song as it would be the best single we will ever release." tells Martti Varjonen.
"We picture the landscape and atmosphere in our minds where the song happens. It can be in the past, present or future and may happen even in parallel universe. A mesmerising atmosphere surrounded by a mystical and fragile soundscape is the essence of The Broker." adds Teemu Tiainen.
The band independently records and produces each song, instrument, note and sound until the song is passed to mixing and mastering process. "So far this method has worked very well for us." explains the band. "This way we can decide when and how we work.

The whole album is actually recorded during the night time." Martti reveals. "Recording at night time creates instantly the correct and delicate mood for both despair and hope that we want to embody to our songs." clarifies Teemu.
So if you enjoy echoey guitars, infinite sound barriers laced with melancholic melodies, 90's britpop and sparkling synthesizers you should definitely check out The Brokers and their exceptional approach to music.

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